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Orden Ogan – “The Lord Of The Flies” video clip, 2010 version

Helstar – Glory of Chaos track by track

Video in which the HELSTAR singer explains, what the songs on the new album “Glory Of Chaos” are about.


Amberian Dawn – Arctica video posted online


Kickhunter – “Mine All Mine” video posted online

KICKHUNTER have just released “Mine All Mine”, the second video clip from their new album “All In”. You can watch it below:


Linkin Park – Numb live in New York


Linkin Park – “New Divide” Live from NYC

Check out “New Divide” live from Linkin Park’s show in NYC on September 14.


Soundgarden – Black Rain video posted online

Firewind – World of Fire video posted online

Chevelle – Shameful Metaphors video posted online

Sneak peak of the new Soundgarden video for “Black Rain”