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Kamelot, Dark Tranquillity and Serj Tankian – press conferences at ARTmania 2010 – photo gallery

Serj Tankian – Left of Center video posted online

Serj Tankian’s new video, Left of Center can be viewed below and it’s extracted from the album “Imperfect harmonies


ARTmania Festival 2010 – Day Two: Sirenia, Dark Tranquillity, Serj Tankian

The second day of ARTmania festival 2010 started for us in the same way we ended the previous one: running. There were a lot of things to do, watch and listen during the three days of the fest, but it was almost impossible to check them all out. So, in this article I’ll tell you about how the concerts from day two went (Sirenia, Dark Tranquillity and Serj Tankian) and you will have the chance to read some more additional stuff in an extra article that will follow up this one.


Serj Tankian live at ARTmania Festival 2010 – photo gallery

ARTmania Festival 2010 – program

Friday, 13.08.2010:
Piata Mare 22:10 the sisters of mercy
Piata Mare 20:30 Kamelot
Piata Mare 19:00 Swallow the Sun
Piata Mica, Bohemian Flow 01:30 L.O.S.T.
Music Pub 00:30 Sign Of Agony
Piata Mica 16:30 Act Acoustic
Piata Mica 15:00 Tiarra Acoustic


ARTmania Festival 2010

ARTmania Festival 2010 will take place between 13th and 15th August. Reaching its fifth edition, ARTmania Festival 2010 announced so far: Serj Tankian, the sisters of mercy, Kamelot and Sirenia.