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Tilo Wolff returns to Russia

After LACRIMOSA’s successful concert tour through Russia this early summer Tilo Wolff returns to Russia as a DJ to celebrate this years Halloween! These are the dates:


Lacrimosa – new show confirmed

LACRIMOSA will play at Seven Festival in Wegorzewo in Poland on July 10th 2010

Source: Lacrimosa Myspace

Lacrimosa – Schattenspiel finally launched

Lacrimosa’s new release, Schanttespiel is launching today. Below you can find the trailer:


Lacrimosa – news regarding Schattenspiel

Lacrimosa posted the following update on their Myspace page:


Lacrimosa – Schattenspiel fan-release parties

“April 30th 2010     Neuenkirchen (GE)  Club Cäsar
May   1st  2010     Leverkusen (GE)     Shadow
May   1st  2010     Mannheim (GE)       Ms Connexion
May   1st  2010     Düren (GE)             Club Tech Noir
May   1st  2010     Hildesheim (GE)      Rockklub
May   5th  2010     Hannover (GE)       Dark Star
May   5th  2010     Zürich (CH)            Palais X-Tra
May   7th  2010     Leipzig (GE)           Darkflower
May   7th  2010     Schleswig (GE)       Ela Ela
May   7th  2010     Trier (GE)              Exil
May   7th  2010     Puebla (MEX)         Funkey Monkey
May   7th  2010     Mexico City (MEX)  Bar Cria Cuervos
May   7th  2010     Buenos Aires (AR)  @lternativ@
May   8th  2010     São Paulo (BR)       Galeria do Rock
May   8th  2010     Koblenz (GE)          Druckluftkammer
May   8th  2010     Mexico City (MEX)   Dada X
May   8th  2010     Guadalajara (MEX)  Bar La Mancha
May   8th  2010     Leipzig (GE)            Café Neulicht
May 13th  2010     Berlin (GE)              K17
May 14th  2010     Dresden (GE)          Bärenzwinger
May 22nd 2010     Paris (FR)                Les Caves du Théâtre du Nesle
May 22nd 2010     Lima (PE)                Club MAO”

Lacrimosa – official Facebook page announced

Lacrimosa announced the launching of their official Facebook page. You can access it HERE

Lacrimosa – the introduction of “Schattenspiel” starts

“From today on each day we will introduce to you one song from the new anniversary CD at! (more…)

Masters of Rock 2010

8th issue of the biggest international rock open air festival in the Czech Republic!


Lacrimosa – one more song added on “Schattenspiel”

“Back in 1996 for the release of a single LACRIMOSA recorded an extended version of their hit “Copycat” together with an orchestra. This single got never released and until now this version stayed hidden in the archive.
Now LACRIMOSA decided spontaneously to finally release this recording as track number 18 on their anniversary album “Schattenspiel” on May 7th 2010! ”


Lacrimosa – news about the upcoming album

“After revealing the tracklist of the new album “Schattenspiel” (= Shadowplay) LACRIMOSA at present are working on the album’s booklet in which they include photos from the past 20 years that have never been published until now!