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Kivimetsän Druidi – video for Desolation: White wolf posted online

You can watch below the new video from Kivimetsän Druidi, Desolation: White wolf:

Kivimetsan Druidi – another song online

“From today on you have the chance to check out another amazing song of the new offering called “Of Betrayal”, just head over to the bands revamped MySpace profile: ( In comparison to the already available new and very epic song “The Seawitch And Sorcerer”, this track represents the much darker and black side of KIVIMETSÄN DRUIDI.”


Kivimetsän Druidi – “Betrayal, Justice, Revenge” – Track By Track Introduction

Here’s a track by track introduction of the songs made by Leeni-Maria and Joni (where stated).

Aesis Lilim
Lilim are a people of female warriors living secluded in their stone castle. They do travel out and act as mercenaries, following their Code as well as their personal conscience. This song was actually made with lyrics somewhat ready before Antti and Joni started with the composition. “Big and movie-like” was the idea, and that is what we got.


KIVIMETSÄN DRUIDI launched new website

Kivimetsän Druidi has launched a totally revised new website at


KIVIMETSÄN DRUIDI – New song on revamped MySpace profile!

Our new and upcoming Fantasy Metal warriors KIVIMETSÄN DRUIDI just revamped their MySpace profile ( to give you an ultimate glimpse on “Betrayal, Justice Revenge”!


Kivimetsän Druidi: “Betrayal, Justice, Revenge” Cover & Tracklist

Century Media and KIVIMETSÄN DRUIDI have announced the following:

“Finnish fantasy metal shooting stars KIVIMETSÄN DRUIDI and Century Media Records are proud to hereby present the cover artwork for the bands upcoming new album “Betrayal, Justice, Revenge”. The artwork mirrors perfectly what it’s all about with the KIVI`S, it takes you on a fantastic journey to another ancient world.