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Devildriver – updates from the band

“Jeff from Augsburg….

Hey guys! Jeff here. Writing to you from Augsburg, Germany on what has been a very successful European tour! Everyone is having a great time and we are just seriously kicking ass. I would definitely say the highlight so far has been the 2 Sonisphere shows with Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer and Anthrax amongst others. It was amazing and then getting to watch Metallica from the side of the stage was a dream come true. We are currently playing a headline show tonight in Germany and then tomorrow we are headlining Marquee 2 at Grasspop!!! That is a huge fucking honor. So I cannot wait for all you guys to hear the new record. It is mindblowing! I will not even describe it to you but let you wait and stew in anticipation! You guys will love it. I appreciate all the well wishes after my bout with pneumonia and I am back and in better shape then before. Decided to do the Euro run completely sober and I am feeling great so far. Anyways, I will talk soon and till then keep fucking rocking!