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Audrey Horne – Audrey Horne (2010)

AH-III-cover-350Audrey Horne are a hard rock/post grunge band from Bergen, Norway featuring members from Enslaved, Sahg and Deride.
Having been a fan of Audrey Horne’s previous two albums I’ve been looking forward to this since I first heard about it in late 2009. My high expectations initially lead to disappointment when on the first listen the album failed to really keep my interest at all. However after playing it a few more times it has become one of my favorite albums of the year so far.
There isn’t much I can really say about each track individually as I feel the album should be listened to as a whole thing to be really appreciated but I will make a few points on some of the notable tracks
Opening with ” These Vultures”, a slow track with eerie chanting vocals the album then flows into two reasonably similar paced tracks, “Charon”, a track named after the mythological Greek ferryman of Hades and “Circus” a track with some really interesting riffs and a slight feel of organized chaos.
One thing that seems apparent after listening to just the first three tracks is that the instruments are very dominant, usually I’m one who pays a fair bit of attention to lyrics but here I found myself being immersed in the entire songs.


INDICA – Confirmed to play Twilight movie Fanevent in Berlin

FinlandĀ“s pop/rock stars INDICA have been confirmed to play at the TWILIGHT movie fan event in Berlin on April 10th. The band will release its first album in English in June 2010 via Warner Music / NBR. Two of the Twilight actors will most likely be present at the event, check out the official homepage for more details: