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Adagio – working on a new album

Adagio have issues the following update on their Myspace page: (more…)

Adagio – to headline FKRock festival in Ukraine

Adagio will headline the FKRock festival in Ukraine in 21st May.

More details HERE

Adagio – “Archangels in black” limited edition deluxe version

“After their very successful European tour with KAMELOT, ADAGIO are  re releasing their latest album “Archangels in Black” , initially released in February 2009, with new packaging featuring slipcase and exclusive multi track content :


Adagio – Franck Hermanny endorsed by Ibanez

“We are pleased to announce that Franck Hermanny is now endorsed by the prestigious guitar/bass company Ibanez.
He plays a SR5000E Prestige and SR 706.


Adagio – tour diary #1

Adagio have posted online the first part of their tour diary with Kamelot. You can watch it below:


Adagio – returned from tour with Kamelot

“”Here we are !!! The awesome tour with Kamelot has come to an end, and we would like to thank of course Thomas, all the Kamelot guys and Kamelot’s great crew for being so cool, every single day has been a blast !! Of course thanks to all our sponsors for  the help and of course to the fans, for being so loud every nights. It has been a truely amazing moment to meet you guys in Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Germany, UK and of course France, and we are now impatient to come back as soon as possible and kick your ass on a longer set !”"


Adagio – European Tour with Kamelot debuts in two days

Adagio’s tour with Kamelot starts from March 25th. The band has issued the following:


Adagio – “Underworld” and “A Band in Upperworld” Exclusive new artwork

From Adagio’s Myspace page:

“Both albums will be available in European stores on March 29thn and released through Sony distrubution in France. New artwork has been done by Alexandra Bach at Ravendusk Design who also worked on the booklet of “Archangels In Black”
Stéphan: “Alexandra has once again done a wounderful artwork, which gives a new life to those albums. The Underworld new cover is in my opinion way more representative of the music than the original one. We are also very pleased about those re-release as until now, the live album was only available in Japan. Of course we’ll bring a couple of those albums on tour next week, and looking forward to meeting all of you guys right after the show !”


Mats Levén will play with Adagio for Kamelot European Tour

After the split with the vocalist Christian Palin, Adagio have announced today the replacement for the upcoming tour with Kamelot from March and April. The replacement is Mats Levén (ex-Malmsteen/Therion).  Stéphan Forté, leader of the band has made the following statement regarding this decision:



Kevin Codfert (keyboards – Adagio) has been interviewed by us regarding the activity of Adagio, the upcoming tour with Kamelot, future plans and many more.  The band last album, “Archangels in black” was launched one year ago (February 2009).  The interview was made a few days before the band announced their split with the vocalist Christian Palin.