Crystal Viper – “Legends” track by track

The Polish true heavy metal band CRYSTAL VIPER will release their third record “Legends” tomorrow (October 22). Singer Marta comments the tracks and explains the message behind it:

The opening intro includes a narration recorded by Rhino, the legendary ex-Manowar drummer, who is currently member of the bands Holyhell and Angels Of Babylon. It is kind of a summary of the message behind the lyrics on “Legends”: evil always returns to its culprit, and greed is blind…

As the title suggest, the first song on the album tells the story about a ghost ship, which – as they say – can be seen during stormy nights around Slupsk’s sea-coast, and which sank because of human greed a few hundreds years ago. This is a typical fast song in typical “German” style, with a rhythm based on triplets. You can hear guys from Wizard – Sven D’Anna & Dano Boland – doing the refrains.

The next fast song with a double bass drum attack, a catchy main melody, and featuring the next special guest: Mat Sinner of Primal Fear and Sinner, who recorded the refrains and bridge in the second half of the song. This time lyrics are based on a real story, about the defenders of the Castle Hill, who were fighting in the year 1536.

This is probably the most NWoBHM-oriented song on the album, due to its very classic construction and riffs. The legend used in this song tells about an old blind man who comes to a small village and offers the people richness and wealth in exchange for their eyesight, because as he says – only the blind ones can find the way to his treasure. We also did a video for this song, where the title “Greed Is Blind” was taken literally, and adopted to our times: a businessman is giving a beggar his last money, but he is killing him anyway, because he wants more. After finding an empty wallet, the beggar loses his eyes…

The only ballad on “Legends” which tells the real story of Countess Sydonia Bork (also known as Sydonia Von Borck) who was decapitated and burned at the stake in Szczecin, on August 19, 1620. She was known as the most beautiful women in her principality, but her life was full of pain and sadness. As the legend says, her ghost can be seen on every moonlit night on the Szczecin’s castle. This is also the very first Crystal Viper song with a vocal line being recorded in 3 octaves.

A slower song which tells the story about the forgotten goddess of death known as Smiertnica. In this song (like in the ballad) we used a new instrument: church organs, so the song has very dramatic and epic sound.

This one is a classic tale about witches, and tells the story about the sabbat which was taking place on the Slup mountain. The next song with a catchy refrain, performed by our friends from Wizard. There is one more special guest here: Stefan Kaufmann of U.D.O. (who is also an ex-Accept musician) recorded a guitar solo, which can be heard in the second half of the song. The untypical ending was actually created in the last minutes before entering the studio.

With no doubt the darkest, heaviest and most epic song on the album. It was inspired by Ronnie James Dio and Black Sabbath and tells a story about a lake with black and warm water, in which the devil has his home…

A huge change of atmosphere here: a mid-tempo song with a nice melody and a refrain which will stay in your head. A power metal tune which may remind you on some early Helloween or Gamma Ray stuff. The story is about a young man who is dealing with the devil.

Yes, there were pirates from Poland too. This legend tells the story of Black Leviathan, pirate of the Baltic Sea. The message here is the same as on the whole album: evil always returns. There is one funny story being connected with recording of this song: the opening intro was recorded on the normal right-handed guitar by our guitarist Andy who is…left-handed. We didn’t want to change the strings, so here’s the very first Crystal Viper song with a guitar track being recorded upside down.

The album ends with a cover song what isn’t a huge surprise in case of Crystal Viper. “T.V. War”, originally performed by Accept, perfectly fits to the Crystal Viper style, but first of all, we wanted to pay a tribute to one of the bands that had really strong influence on us. And Accept with no doubt was and still is one of the most important bands for Crystal Viper. As far as we know, they really like our version of “T.V. War”, what is a huge honor for us.

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