System Divide premier new track off upcoming album ‘The Conscious Sedation’

In conjunction with the upcoming debut full-length release from SYSTEM DIVIDE, The Conscious Sedation, Metal Blade Records has teamed up with BlankTV to premier the extreme modern metal act’s single Hollow.  Be sure to head over to , the net’s biggest punk and indie music channel, to check out the single Hollow and while you’re there check out the music video for the song The Apex Doctrine, which was shot by Kevin Custer (Hatebreed, Testament, Dope, Dying Fetus, Suffocation).

If you like what you hear and see head over to the band’s http://www.metalblade…com/systemdivide landing page and pre-order the album while there is still time to take advantage of the discounted prices. The Conscious Sedation is available by itself or bundled with a t-shirt.

Vocalist Miri Milman breaks down the lyrical content on the track Hollow:

“This song is personal to me; it speaks of a person that suffers continuously yet doesn’t have the courage, guts, or strength to change his/her situation and keeps on being stuck in this downward spiral.

It is about the fear of changing something in your life for the better, the fear of taking that step which could make everything better. The song develops towards the person actually daring to take the step and seeing there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

This is obviously the ballad of the record, the calm between the storm. We wanted to also add to the diversity of the record and not only have fast songs all over the record. While being a softer System Divide song; it still has a part that will crush your balls with a smile :) We hope you will all enjoy listening to it as much as we had writing it! METAL!!!”

The Conscious Sedation track listing is as follows:

1. Vagaries Of Perception
2. An Intoxicating Affair
3. Echoes
4. The Apex Doctrine
5. Lethargy
6. (N)Ether
7. Hollow
8. Purity In Imperfection
9. Repent/Forget
10. The Conscious Sedation
11. Stagnant Progression

Read more:  System Divide Myspace

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