Taake, Helheim, Vulture Industries & Sulphur for Dark Essence Records Tour

Press release:


Norway’s DARK ESSENCE RECORDS has today announced the dates for its 2010 tour, which will feature four artists from its roster – TAAKE, HELHEIM, VULTURE INDUSTRIES and SULPHUR. The tour is due to start on the 28th October for eleven dates and this year aims to cover some of the countries and cities which most of the bands involved have rarely, if ever, played in. Dates for the DARK ESSENCE RECORDS 2010 tour as follows:

Thursday 28 – Glazart, Paris, France
Friday 29 – Korigan, Luynes/Marseille, France
Saturday 30 – TBC, Switzerland
Sunday 31 – Carlito’s Way , Milano, Italy
Monday 01 – Pieffe Factory, Gorizia, ItalyDEtour2010
Tuesday 02 – Akademija Club, Belgrade, Serbia
Wednesday 03 – Daos Club, Timisoara, Romania
Thursday 04 – Art Club, Trnava, Slovakia
Friday 05 – Channel Zero, Ljubliana, Slovenia
Saturday 06 – Božkov, Hospoda Pod Kopcem, Plzen, Czech Republic
Sunday 07 – K17, Berlin, Germany

All four bands on this year’s tour are based in Bergen, home of DARK ESSENCE RECORDS itself. TAAKE is a band that over the years has been one of the definers of True Norwegian Black Metal. Using intense, unique, and unpredictable dynamics to create an atmosphere that ranges from ice cold Nordic melodies, to catchy necro riffs, it is the epitome of what a Black Metal band should be. With a line up of experienced and skilled musicians, any one of whom most bands would kill to have in their ranks, it is clear to see why fans are constantly clamouring for the chance to see TAAKE play live. More information about TAAKE at http://www.myspace.com/taakeofficial

The embodiment of the true Viking spirit, HELHEIM very obviously incorporates the band’s love for its Norse heritage into both the music and the lyrics. They take this one step further in their live performances, with the use of VJ effects which create a spectacular backdrop for the music, illustrating each individual song with historic and symbolic images. HELHEIM will release the MCD “Aasgards Fall” in October, in time for the tour, and the much anticipated seventh full length album “Heiðindómr Ok Mótgangr” is expected to appear early next year, as well as a live DVD. More information about HELHEIM at http://www.myspace.com/helheimnorway

VULTURE INDUSTRIES is a Progressive Extreme Metal band that manages to take complex themes and structures, and make them immediately recognisable and catchy to produce a sound that has now become uniquely its own. Fronted by one of Norway’s foremost producers, Bjornar Nilsen, VULTURE INDUSTRIES’ live shows are a tour de force, with Nilsen’s manic stage presence drawing the audience into the music like some deranged master of ceremonies. The band recently released a vinyl edition of their 2007 full length album “The Dystopia Journals” and their second full length album, “The Malefactor’s Bloody Register”, hits the streets in September. More information about VULTURE INDUSTRIES and a track from the new album at http://www.myspace.com/vultureindustries

Intent on following a path that lies between Death and Black Metal, with a liberal sprinkling of progressive mindset, SULPHUR rose from the ashes of the nineties Black Metal outfit TAAKERIKET at the turn of the millennium. Comprising current and former members of bands such as GORGOROTH, AETERNUS, ENSLAVED and VULTURE INDUSTRIES, the SULPHUR of today is fiercer and more challenging than ever before. The musical landscapes that the band is willing to explore are limitless and the resulting album, “Thorns In Existence”, which was released in March of this year, is not afraid to challenge, thrill and destroy the listener. The band’s recent appearance at Terrorizer Magazine’s Grindhouse Norway event proved that on stage SULPHUR is an experience that will make even the most ardent head banger happy. More information about SULPHUR at http://www.myspace.com/sulphur666

Dark Essence Records Contact: post@karismarecords.no
Dark Essence Website: http://www.darkessencerecords.no/
Propulsion Music: http://www.propulsionmusic.no/
Dark Essence MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/darkessencerecords
Dark Essence ReverbNation: http://www.reverbnation.com/darkessencerecords

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