Labyrinthic Metal Evening

Press release:

Shining, Nightingale, The Vision Bleak, Vulture Industries, Indian Fall, Kistvaen
(The 16th of October 2010 – The Silver Church Club – Bucharest)

This particular new Special Evening organized by DonisArt will give the Metal fan a chance to spend a few fruitful hours in a location among a cluster of bands who wish to make a statement by means of their music. The evening of the 16th can be regarded as a Metal platform. Within it, six different bands, tokens of six different approaches, will try their best to demonstrate the existence of conceptual similarities between them and of collaborations more or less known.

KISTVAEN is the first Romanian band which adopts a sort of black metal following the path of some European acts who shaped and established the genre of suicidal black metal. Bands like SILENCER, SHINING or BETHLEHEM are to be mentioned as sources of inspiration. The five members of the project have related connections with other bands of the Bucharest underground. They were involved in AKRAL NECROSIS, SINCARNATE, DOMINATION, DWARF PLANET and ABIGAIL. KISTVAEN will officially release their debut album through a special concert, at The Silver Church Club.

INDIAN FALL is one of the veteran quality bands of the Romanian underground scene. The black metal delivered by the six band members, coming from the town of Brasov, blends into its composition elements of furious Death Metal, Progressive passages, extremely technical bits as well as melodic parts and avant-garde insertions. In a slightly different formula, incorporating a new vocalist, INDIAN FALL, will release their new EP, on which they are working hard right now. The EP will display some new interesting songs and will be conceived in a brand new manner, even tough it still draws roots from real Metal. The band pleasantly surprised most participants who attended last year’s Experimental Metal Evening, event held in Brasov with the occasion of the official release of issue no. 10 of Kogaionon Magazine, whose guest stars were the Swedes from SHINING!

VULTURE INDUSTRIES is a Norwegian band that launched three years ago a superb debut album – one that was rated as being a landmark for the new Avant-garde Black Metal wave, by almost everyone in the metal press. Bjornar’s voice reminds us of Garm’s many years ago, while he was still performing with ULVER and more notably with ARCTURUS! “The Dystopia Journals” displays a sum of exquisite tracks featuring theatrical or opera-like vocals, heavy guitar lines, dramatic synths, progressive passages of a remarkable technicality. The band members also combine their forces in other musical projects like BLACK HOLE GENERATOR, SULPHUR, MALICE IN WONDERLAND. Bjornar is a very talented album producer, as well – his studio welcoming a lot of interesting acts ranging from THE BATALLION and going all the way to HELHEIM. In May, VULTURE INDUSTRIES’s label, the Norwegian Dark Essence Records, will be releasing their second album, a better structured material, more complex and bearing more pronounced Progressive Metal influences. In a formula consisting of five musicians, the Norwegian group will be coming for the first time to Romania to perform live some of their best work up to date.

THE VISION BLEAK is the most notable German Horror Gothic band. The two members of the project, also gave birth, in the past, to other remarkable names in the Metal scene – just think of EMPYRIUM, SUN OF THE SLEEPLESS, NOX MORTIS, NOEKK, NACHTMAHR or BETHLEHEM. In the beginning of April, the Germans will be releasing, their fourth full length album, under the label Prophecy Records. It will be the most complete one of all. It is known that THE VISION BLEAK embodies an unique expressiveness on stage, and right now they are underway to completing an European tour alongside the magnificent ALCEST. Because Markus Stock is such a perfectionist, their recording studio being the place where a lot of famous albums have come into existence, he decided to come to Romania with his own sound and light engineers. They will make sure that the show (played in a formula of five) will be one to remember. As you may well know, Niklas Kvarforth (SHINING) is featured as a guest on their latest album, so there’s the theoretical possibility of seeing them perform together on stage!

I don’t think there’s someone who isn’t familiar with the work of the artist, musician and producer Dan Swano and his Unisound Studio! Or for that matter with EDGE OF SANITY, PAN.THY.MONIUM or BLOODBATH! The list could go on with other projects he was a part of: UNICORN, SECOND SKY, INFESTED, ROUTE NINE or BREJN DEDD. He’s a legend of the entire Metal-Rock scene! Through his crafty hands have passed tons of bands, ranging from the most unknown to the most popular: OPETH, KATATONIA, THERION, DARK FUNERAL, MARDUK, DIABOLICAL MASQUERADE, MERCILESS, DISSECTION, GODSEND! He’s a truly great character, a musician who can play almost every Metal instrument he lays his hands on, not to mention his vocals, which are surely unmistakable. After more than 20 years of avid activity, Dan Swano will be joining us in The Silver Church Club!

NIGHTINGALE is his most cherished Progressive project. Under this name he released a number of albums, “Nightfall Overture” being the one who has gained the most popularity.

Dan Swano doesn’t perform live too often because of his very busy schedule in the studio, although he and his band wish they were more active concert-wise. After a long period of discussions, DONISART and NIGHTINGALE, came to an agreement that it was time for the Swedes to perform for the first time in Romania! The band is preparing for the Romanian session with songs taken from their entire history. They also reserved some surprises – one of them would be, giving the public the opportunity to listen to some EDGE OF SANITY tunes, in a reshaped version. Their last live performance was held last summer during a big European festival. It can be stated then, that the October event will be one of the kind for the band as well as for the fans coming from all over.

SHINING is visiting Romania for the second time, and for the first time Bucharest! Their show will enjoy a novelty element – the recently acquired bass-player. It is in this format that Niklas & Co. will present to the public, the album with number seven in their long history. It will be officially released by Indie Records at the end of this spring. For SHINING this event will be a truly special one, as Niklas wishes to perform EXCLUSIVELY songs that have never been perform live until now. Sequences taken from the upcoming material (at best, out on the market by spring 2011) will also be included in the play list.

It seems like the band has been going through some major changes recently, changes noticed by almost everybody during their European tour with Satyricon. SHINING is a band that sounds excellent live and their Suicidal Black Metal dynamics haven’t yet been matched by anybody else. The Swedes had a great time in Brasov, last year, and their show which lasted for more than two hours convinced even the most fault-finders that SHINING “rocks” live!

Special Evening, for Special Friends… 6 bands, more than 7 hours of music! An unique Metal event for Romania, an inspired way of spending an entire evening among musicians who will be at their fan’s disposal until morning!Labyrinthic Metal Evening

The ticket price is 90 lei. The tickets can be acquired starting with the 15th of April through Eventim from Germanos or Vodafone stores as well as Carturesti and Humanitas Bookshops. You can also purchase them online via

Event: Labyrinthic Metal Evening


Venue: The Silver Church Club, 61 Calea Plevnei, Bucharest, Romania

Date: 16th of Octombrie 2010, 7pm

Organizer: DonisArt


See you there!

DonisArt Team

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