Power Quest – Blood Alliance update

“Here’s the latest BA news for you all.

We are heading to Foel studios in Wales in early September to record the new album, called Blood Alliance. Check out the studio here www.foelstudio.co.uk

10 songs have been written, 9 of which will feature on the album proper with one song to be used as a bonus track.
We are currently in the latter stages of pre-production. “Sacrifice”, “Rising Anew” and “Time to Burn” were fully demoed back in March and the remaining 7 songs are close to finalising in terms of arrangements etc
The photoshoot for the album will be taking place in Derby at the end of July, whilst my good friend Felipe Machado (who did the art for the MOI album) is currently developing ideas for the new artwork.
We are aiming for a release in late January/early February 2011 through Napalm Records”
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