Marco Hietala – comments the new Tarot album

Marco Hietala, bassist/vocalist of the Finnish heavy metal band TAROT which he founded with his brother Zachary, offers some insight on The Gravity Of Light, the band’s eight studio album set for North American release on June 8th.

“There´s no message that the listeners should take heed of on this new album. We just tried to put everything together in a way that would keep the some of the trademarks of the band, and at the same time show the inner growth and some new things.  We try to keep the band dynamics and the groove of the seventies at the bottom of everything we do, then we dress it up in the metal harness of 2010 and use everything there was in-between as a source of nuances and such.  The creative spark for the new album were ideas for songs I couldn’t get out of my head. We had so many we wanted to actualize. As far as musical guests on the album go, we had Mikko Mustonen do orchestral work on ‘I Walk Forever.’  The song itself is pretty simple so it was fertile for that kind of possibility. The result sounds very huge, which is as we wanted it… especially at the end of the song. We didn´t go over the top in the mix with the orchestra in order to avoid too much comparison with Nightwish. I knew Mikko from his work with Northern Kings and he was happy to do this one when I asked him about it.  Which song is the ‘masterpiece’ on the album? I think it must be ‘Hell Knows,’ where we went for something really heavy and gloomy, but at the same time wanted to bring a really fragile sense of being lost into the piece.”

Source: Tarot Myspace

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