You can read today an interview with the German band Crematory, a band with a long activity on the metal scene. “Infinity” is their latest release – more about it, about live concerts, the evolution of the metal scene in the last 20 years and many more you can find out by reading the interview below!

Hello, Crematory and welcome to
Hi and thanks for your interest in CREMATORY.
It has been 2 years from your previous release, “Pray”. What is “Infinity”  bringing new in your music? Are there any influences that you incorporated in the band’s sound?
Crematory bandOur influences are very simple: Our creativity. The target-settings for >INFINITY were: faster, heavier, louder, and darker. That’s what we planned and finally did. You can find typical catchy songs, as well as german songs, as well as a cover-version of“Depeche Mode’s” “Black Celebration. In my eyes INFINITY is the best album we have ever recorded!
“Infinity” it’s an album for your old fans or are you trying to attract more people to listen your music?
It is both. We want to keep our fans we have and also want to attract more people to listen to our music. We are very proud that our following has been growing since we started and still grows. This shows us that it is good job we are doing.
What are your expectations from the new album?
As the album is already being sold I can tell you that all our expectations have been fulfilled. We expected that it would be as successful as our previous album “PRAY” and it is on its way to top it.
Starting with “Revolution”  you have release an album every 2 years. It’s this a self-imposed rhythm of work?
We do not any self-imposed rhythm. We are always composing songs and as soon as we have enough stuff for a new album we start recording them and we got a new album. It has always been chance that we got the albums ready in a two-years-rhythm.
2011 will mark 20 years of activity for Crematory in the metal scene. What are you preparing for your fans? A “Greatest Hits” CD and DVD is mentioned on your website. It’s this a moment to draw a line and look back to your activity?
Crematory bandWell kind of… After 20 years we want to give our fans a special thing. This CD and DVD will contain a lot of not released material like live- and backstage-videos as well as some surprises for our fans and those who want to become one.
We are also planning a big tour to support this greatest hits CD and DVD and we are looking forward having fun on stage and to see all our fans on these concerts.
In which way has the metal scene changed since your first release, “Transmigration” until now? It’s a long way. Do you think that the promotion is better now or is the Internet in the same way a blessing and a curse due to the illegal downloading of music?
The scene has changed a lot. No one who is involved in producing a CD or concerts wants to spend the money he spent 15 years ago because the CD sales aren’t what they where. The reason for this are mainly the illegal downloads. People who do this do not even think about that they hurt and destroy bands with this. If those “fans” would buy the CD’s, many more musicians would be able to make their lives out of music and many more bands would be on tour to promote their albums. Those people steal money that belongs to the bands… and they really work hard for their music!
Are there any young bands that you would like to recommend?
As I do not know if you mean newcomers or established bands I do not know, what I should answer. And as I do not have any clue of newcomer-bands it is also difficult for me to give a proper answer.
Your tour for promoting the new album will start in April. How many countries will be visited? Will you perform in any countries where you haven’t been before?
Our tour has already started but its planning is not finished yet. II just can tell you that we will be at numerous big festivals and a few smaller ones as well as on a few club shows.Crematory band 2
To be up to date just check our homepage.
What’s the difference regarding the public from country to country? Has the audience become more sophisticated and pretentious during the years?
Not at all. We are lucky that our fans like what we do. Of course they always want to hear something new and special on a new album but as we have always developed our music and tried new things, without loosing our roots, our fans have always been happy with what they got.
Do you feel that the concurrence is growing on the metal scene? Have you even felt threatened as a band by this?
Not really. My experience has shown me the opposite. As we are all living in one scene and there are not many bands nowadays, that still play metal, we are all sitting in one boat we have always tried to live peaceful with other bands.
The cover art from “Infinity” is bringing back the style from your earlier albums? Have you worked with the same graphic artist? Actually, all your albums covers are maintaining the same graphic touch.
Like most of our albums the cover art of “INFINITY” has been created by Raimond Neck who is a good friend of mine. We know each other for a long time and he knows what I like. I asked him if he could create something, he did it and the actual cover was the result.
Do you ever get tired from touring? It’s often an exhausting activity.
Yes it is. But since our reunion we only do concerts on weekend. This makes it easier. If I remember the past, when we used to be on tour for a longer time I can’t understand how we could manage it and even survive.:-) Now some of us have families, we all have day-jobs and this makes it nearly impossible to do a longer tour.
Scorpions have announced the end of their musical career after a last world tour. Do you believe that you’ll reach their age and still play on the stage for your fans?
Crematory bandIf we reach their age and our fans keep on listening and buying our stuff we will keep on doing what we’re doing. If the fans stop buying our albums we will quit earlier. It all depends if it is worth it or not.
In the end I want to thank you for accepting the interview and if you have something to add for your fans that are reading this, please do so.
At this point We need to thank our fans for their support! They have supported us in nearly 20 years of band-history as well as they could and they have taken us to the point we are. Without them we wouldn’t have had the success we have and they are the reason why we still are here! Thanks to the best fans of the world!

John Harper / Crematory

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