Poets of the Fall – interview with Marko Saaresto

We have again some guests from Finland. This time Marko Saaresto, the singer of Poets of the Fall was the one who responded our questions. The guys have a new album, a new video and good music like always. You can find below the complete interview.

Hello and welcome to officialconcerts.com!
Your new album was launched on March 17th and has entered the official Finnish album charts on the #1 position. Also, it reached gold record it the first week after release. What were your expectations before the album was released? Are these achievements more that you expected?
markoYou always try to keep your hopes up and at the same time prepare for bad news before the album release. Achievements like the success we’ve had with Twilight Theater as well as our previous albums are always a happy surprise. We are really lucky to have such dedicated fans.
Finland is a small country with only 5 million citizens but it seems like is an unlimited source of great music. How can you explain so many great bands concentrated in such a small geographical area? :)
I guess it’s the cold and dark six months we have each winter, people have to find the light somehow :)
Your video for “Carnival of rust” was voted as best Finnish clip of all times. How important was for you this achievement considering the fact that you were still a young band at that moment (2006)?
Awards are a way for the public to say thanks for the good work, so naturally they are very much appreciated. Of course they also have a place in marketing, especially for young bands.
Your story as a band seems taken from a book or movie. Marko sold everything in order to follow his passion for music, he moved into his folk’s basement, a studio was build into Captain’s living room and an office was kept in Ollis old car. Then your single “Late Goodbye” that appeared on the soundtrack of “Max Payne” has brought you recognition. How all these look now, after these years? Would you repeat the same decisions?
poets of the fallI know and it’s all true. In retrospect it’s almost funny how things sometimes go like they were right out of a movie script. Looking back now I would definitely do it again. Times were hard then, we had no money and we didn’t know if we’d ever make any. It was very stressful, lucky for us it was worth it.
Do you have any advices for the young bands that are struggling to succeed?
I think if you love what you’re doing, you should keep at it. It will make you happy even if you never make it big. And who knows if you keep at it you may get your break.
Returning to your new album, how would you describe it? Are there many differences between this album and your previous release, “Revolution Roulette”?
Twilight Theater has a wider spectrum of musical styles. It’s very much us. The album has themes like “Hamartia” which means a fatal mistake due to ignorance, it deals with character flaws and saving face and things that appear to be but really aren’t. I guess the goal was to offer something to think about, to urge you to look closer, find out for yourself and not take someone’s word for it.
What are your plans for the near future? Are you planning a tour for promoting the album? Another video maybe (the one for Dreaming Wide Awake was released in February)?
Sure, we’re planning for both. I’m hoping we’ll get some good news very soon :)
You have very good lyrics, “poetical” and this is a mark of the band. From where do you take the inspiration for the lyrics?
poets of the fallI spend a lot of time observing, one of the most interesting things for me is learning new stuff and understanding their makings, where it comes from, why and how etc. Inspiration comes from being open to influences, they come from anywhere and everywhere, you get an idea that sticks and you start to expand on that.
Why “Twilight Theater”?
Why not? Hee hee hee. Okay, for me that’s a metaphor for life and all the themes the album is concerned with. It also fits well with our “visual world”, if you will.
Why did you choose to make a video for “Dreaming wide awake” and what’s the story behind it?
Dreaming wide awake is an up beat song, lyrically it deals with loss and coming to terms with that. The lyrical content comes from a dark place, but is also a celebration of healing. These ideas were conveyed to the video director who then wrote his own interpretation of it.
Poets of the Fall’s music is a combination pop, rock, metal and other influences. What bands do you listen at home?
poets of the fallPersonally I listen to almost nothing. When you work with music 24/7, you tend to get enough of it as it is. Once we’ve had time to distance ourselves from work it starts to interest again. When we do listen to music, we are nigh omnivorous. That means no genre boundaries, just music.
Thank you very much for accepting the interview and I hope to catch you guys live as soon as possible. If you have anything else to add…
Thanks so much, hope you have a great summer.

Marko Saaresto / John Harper


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  2. Mason Parker says:

    max payne is my favorite game character and i love to play that game too”.:

  3. Ritwik says:

    Marko has great voice and amazing talent of writing songs which are of high level intellect. I loved the latest album “Twilight Theater” and all the songs amazed me. “Smokes and Mirrors” and “Change” are some of my personal favorites. I wish the band all the very best for their future and I hope they have more great music to show.

  4. Bubun demort says:

    It’s just a matter of time poets of the fall…..i bet you are going to become the best in the history of music.

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