Neverland comment on their new album

“Ophidia”, The 2nd studio album of Dreamtone & Iris Mavraki´s NEVERLAND will be released on March 29th. It includes guest apperances of Jon Oliva (Jon Oliva´s Pain/Savatage), Edu Falaschi (Angra/Almah) & Urban Breed (Bloodbound/Pyramaze).

The band comments their album “track by track” for you here:

A fast power progressive piece with its epic moments, This Voice Inside is about the main character of The Wheel of Time series, Rand Al’Thor. It mainly speaks of Rand’s unwilling turn into a anti-hero type while constantly trying to battle with the voices inside his head. Followers of the series may remember that Lews Therin, the previous Dragon Reborn, resides within Rand’s head as well, without Rand’s will so it´s like schizophrenic situation also trying to save the world. However, as it is also covered in the books as well as reflected on the lyrics, Rand sometimes destroys more than he saves because of his situation and causes the death of his allies as well as enemies and so. This song is about struggle of Rand. We also have a music video for this one.

Silence the Wolves is one of our three songs performed by a guest of ours. It basically talks about the Mother Nature trying to resist against the Man. It talks about humans destroying the life, disrupting the Gaia’s way and so. Lyrics protest the burning of trees, killing of animals and telling about humans not being able to see that they are destroying lives. Silence the Wolves is probably the heaviest song on the album.

Our title track is basically a semi-electronic, semi symphonic mid tempo piece with its up and down paces as well as some nice guitar tricks. Ophidia tells of the evil inside every one of us and how it slowly corrupts anything and everything. The song covers this theme from the perspective of “evil” as if it has a tongue and it speaks. The song resembles the evil as a “snake”, slowly crawling within our minds. Ophidia means worshiping to the snake or following the path of snake. Since humans almost always lie, the song suggests that we are all Ophidians.

An acoustic song, basically sad both with its lyrics and the melody. It is about people killing each other in the name of God, under the banner of a religion or another. The idea came into life after seeing the movie Kingdom of Heaven’s Director Cut. The message is simple, whatever your beliefs may be, you are not supposed to kill or enforce each other but to create a harmony. People throughout the history, killed each other without even knowing their names. Lines like “I killed a friend yesterday, I don’t know his name…” suggest the absurdness of this fanatic attitude.

Another piece covered by one of our guests with supported backing choirs and so. It is a mid tempo song with mid-eastern tastes. It talks about the struggle in the land of sand. Middle East always suffered from world politics and games of world domination. It is either the western civilizations or the eastern, it was always like the reddened battlefield of cunning human greed. Lyrics suggest that the latest wrath on the land tries to control everything, replacing the idea of a god and trying to act as one. Jon Oliva is our guest singer on this song.

A mid tempo, sad song. The lyrics are devoted to our friend, Mike Baker, who has passed away in October 2008. Song is basically about the idea of his loss and the aftershock it created on us as well as on his beloved ones. Mike was a nice person and a good friend. We were discussing the possibilities of co-operating with him on a bigger scale when he passed away and this was the least we could’ve done in his memory.

A fast paced piece with certain tempo alterations. More like a classical power-prog theme. Song is about a youngling being deceived into joining factions, groups and performing terrorizing acts with simple beliefs like protecting his family and country and so. However in reality, the song suggests that he is being used by the darker hands as it is mainly the story of today’s (and all human histories) wars and terrorizing acts. Nothing is as simple as “defending a nation” or “black and white” as we want to believe.

An interesting song with a different attitude from the rest of the album. It is mid tempo and has some industrial and classical influences with lots of layers within the music. Theme-wise, it talks about a small boy in love with a girl who ignores him constantly. It´s about his passion and heartache. He is hopeless and he suffers. It is of a naïve love of our little friend. It is also the longest track of the album with its somewhat 6.30 duration.

Our final song with a guest singing (Edu Falaschi of Angra/Almah). The song is more progressive than many of the essences of this album. It is mid tempo with catchy choruses as well as really cool bass lines. It talks about the wars in Middle East, especially the ones in between Israel and Phalastines. It is from the eye of a 15 year old child, questioning why she had to die because of someone else’s greed.

Again a different song when compared to the rest of the album. It has some industrial, Swedish metal feeling near to its folklike but melancholic attitude. Lyrics talk about the human race leaving Earth to find a new place to live, after our race destroys our home planet with wars and pollution. The song suggests that no one with pressing urges on greed, jealousy, profit and sin to come along to that new world, leaving the shady souls behind.

It is a different track from the rest of the album with its orchestral feel. Lyrics suggest of a land where you meet your hopes, without having to face with locked gates as we do in real life, preventing us from reaching our hopes and dreams. It talks about a mother, a woman, who is telling her children (not only her own sons, but all children in the world) about the light that exists above all dark elements and difficulties, a forest of trees that is the Hope of all humanity, not only realistic as the environment, but metaphorically too. It s a longing and loving cry to share and travel with them to the unknown places of hidden beauty on this planet in our souls and in a higher sphere.

Our second song about The Wheel of Time, though this one is on the three Ta’verens. It shows the darkness coming along and covering things. It basicly talks about the events that alerts the coming of Tarmon Gai’don, fall of light. Music is somewhat fast paced with folk-march kinda passages as well as some good acoustic ends. It also has the feeling of electronic – symphonic blend of sounds.

An instrumental mid tempo song. It gives you the feeling of heading to a new journey, a new adventure awaiting you just at the end of horizon. The setting sun suggests your time to move on has come and so. It also closes the chapter of Ophidia.

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