From Finland comes today one of the most important bands for the folk metal scene: ENSIFERUM! You can read the complete interview below. Many thanks for Hannu Lehtonen from Spinefarm Records who made this interview possible!

Hello Ensiferum! Welcome to officialconcerts.com!band1
Thank you very much!
What are you doing lately?
We have been rehearsing for upcoming gigs because we are going to have some special songs and guests on next few gigs. We have also composed some new material so hopefully we can hit the studio next year and record another Ensiferum album.
You’ve been nominated at the Metalstorm Awards at the The Best Pagan/Viking/Folk Metal Album category and you won with almost 500 votes, which was almost half of the total number of votes at this category. In 2007, it was a similar situation with “Victory songs”.
Yes its an honor always to get some recognition for your work but we couldn’t do this without the greatest fans in the whole world, so thank you!
You launched “From Afar” last year in September. Are you happy with the reactions and the feedback received for it?band2
Yes, first of all we are very happy about the result and we are very proud of From Afar -album plus the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive around the world so the way i see it; From Afar hit the bulls-eye.
What plans have you with Ensiferum in the near future?
We are going to compose new material before summer festivals and hopefully we hit the studio in May and record some demo versions. Summer will be pretty busy for us and in the autumn we are doing European tour and after that we are focusing for the 15th anniversary DVD -project. So 2010 and 2011 are going to be busy years for us.
The band was formed in 1995 and your first full-length album, “Ensiferum” was released in 2001. Do you ever feel that the music market has become too crowed of bands that play folk metal (with different influences)?
Ensiferum is one of the oldest bands in folk metal genre so we dont stress too much about the hype or trend; this is the style of music that we love to play and we will keep doing it even after folk metal have suffered the same fate as death, trash and black metal did.3
Can you name a few bands that influenced Ensiferum’s music among the years?
Markus, the founder of Ensiferum is huge fan of folk music so specially Scandinavian and Irish folk music have had huge influence to Ensiferum but without bands like Iron Maiden, Dark Tranquillity and Amorphis Ensiferum wouldn’t exist.
Your lyrics are often referring to war, heroic deeds or epic battles from long gone times. Do you prefer the noise and agitation of the modern world or do like more quiet areas?
I personally enjoy silence much more than hectic life, maybe Ensiferum´s music also represents our longing to more simple and traditional life.
Have you ever wished to live hundreds of years ago and be a warrior? :)
Hehe, why not.
What importance has the image for a folk/pagan/viking metal band?
This is tricky question because no one has ever told us to do certain things or wear gig costumes. The way I see it, you have to “become” something that your music is about and thats also good in metalheads that they know the difference between the person on the stage and when they see us in the bar after the gig.
Have you any young bands you would like to recommend?
Nothing very special comes to mind now but Im also very laze when it comes to following the scene.
Name 3 albums you listened recently (and that you enjoyed – or not).
Ulver – Kveldssanger
Katatonia – Night is the New Day
At the Gates – Slaughter of the Soul
I recommend those albums to everyone.
What’s your opinion regarding the illegal download of music from the internet? Do you think that is a good thing that the music reaches more people or this is affecting bad the sales of CDs?
Its not so black/white -issue. For example we had lot of fans long before we ever toured (or our albums were officially released) in North America and I’m sure that downloading helped us to gain that fan base BUT its not a secret that downloading also destroys music business as we know it. But that’s also good in metal scene that many people have their own bands and they understand that illegal downloading also harms artists and their possibility to do albums in good studios (record labels tend to only look sells of previous album when they decide studio budget for next album).
Will you play in some festivals during the summer? Where can your fans see you live?
So far our spring/summer looks like this:
24.04.2010 NO, Haugesund, KARMØYGEDDON Metal Festival
30.04.2010 DE, Rieden, Ragnaroek Festival
03.07.2010 NL, Nijmegen, Fortarock Festival
08.07.2010 HU, Pecs, Rockmarathon Hungary
09.07.2010 SI, Tolmin, Metalcamp
10.07.2010 DE, Ballenstedt, Rock Harz, Flugplatz
24.07.2010 DE, Bertingen, Rock unter den Eichen
30.07.2010 DE, Loreleyfelsen, Loreley – Rock Area Festival 2010
06.08.2010 POR, Calvão (Vagos), Vagos Open Air
13.08.2010 Bloodstock Open Air, Catton Hall, UK
12.-14.8.2010 CZ, Jaromer, Brutal Assault Festival 2010
20.08.2010 DE, Dinkelsbühl, Summer Breeze
Thanks for accepting the interview! Do you have anything else to add for the people that are reading this interview?
No problem, its always a pleasure to do good interviews. :)
See you all at summer festivals!

John Harper / Ensiferum

You can watch below two videos of the band

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