Kivimetsän Druidi – “Betrayal, Justice, Revenge” – Track By Track Introduction

Here’s a track by track introduction of the songs made by Leeni-Maria and Joni (where stated).

Aesis Lilim
Lilim are a people of female warriors living secluded in their stone castle. They do travel out and act as mercenaries, following their Code as well as their personal conscience. This song was actually made with lyrics somewhat ready before Antti and Joni started with the composition. “Big and movie-like” was the idea, and that is what we got.

Lament for the Fallen is the intro of Aesis Lilim. We came to the conclusion that it would be separated as an individual track, which meant that it needed a name of its own. “We” in a broad sense: I found out about the separation when manager called me and said we need a name now. :-D

Seawitch and the Sorcerer
Seawitch as a composition existed entirely before the lyrics were integrated. The story, though, existed too: it just hadn’t been made into lyrics and chosen music to go with. So it was a shotgun marriage: these lyrics, this song, make them go together.

I think it took about six months and was frustrating as hell and, as you will hear, the song ended up being superloaded with words. Which is not that fine an example of literary art. The composition is thrashy and fantasy-like both, it probably represents the spirit of our music best of all these new songs. And it tells of a magical battle in the sea, where a group of heroes convinced of their own righteousness is trying to advance on their quest after a sorcerer who they deem to be evil and in need of being.. erased.

The Visitor
The radio-friendly hit. It happens in a secluded rural village people of which never wander far from their fields and who fear the world outside. A young girl with maybe just a little bit too restless a mind for her own good meets an outsider just by the end of the fields and spends time with him- doing exactly what, we don’t know, but he has told her not only how things are outside the village bounds but how they will be. She comes back, wild and exited, but no one believes her.

Manalan Vartija
This is the one and only song (so far) we have used which is entirely made by Atte. The rest of us just needed to memorized it by heart – well, with maybe some small brushing-off-the-rough-edges. The name means “Guardian of the Underworld” and the guardian is an underground city of weird, enthusiastic goblin-like people who live on the very edge of existence – by the gates of Underworld, Manala, Haades, Lands of The Dead, how ever you wish to call it. Many wizards and warlocks come down there, to investigate the strange phenomenon which happen around the area. One day a group of wandering heroes comes there, and wants to go through the gates to the other side. Their hyper-happy welcoming party cannot understand this – why would ever anyone, least of all young wanderers like them, wish to pass before their time?

A good ole-fashioned drinking song which happened quite accidently during a training session. We put it together, words and all, in about ten minutes (had to think back later, though – “how did it go from this part on?” -”I don’t remember!”). Slight amounts of beer may have been involved with the process.

Chant of the Winged One
This is Rinksa’s song. He did the guitar parts, and then we Druidized the thing. Lyrics came from Joni.
Joni explains: The first song Rinksa has ever composed to us and hopefully it will not be the last. “Chant” is epic and very catchy tune, yet not failing to be melodic and ass-kicking at the same time. Lyrical theme for this song is about an overpowering might that is not there to help or “redeem” us, but instead yearns for more and more power and proceeds towards this ultimate goal by any means. Be bitten and you’re part of the might, but that’s just not the whole truth.

Of Betrayal
Of Betrayal was known as “the black metal thingy” throughout the making process. It is the only one with all-growl with a vengeance, female vocals way back in the background when they are there at all. And it is about, well, betrayal. Of a bitter soul who has been banished down below by seemingly a friend, craving revenge even in his plight.

Joni explains more: This one is definitely the darkest song on the album and most likely in our whole history too – And that’s how it was meant to be. We wanted to have a gloomy, hopeless and crushing song on the album to counter a couple of jolly-good songs and “Of Betrayal” filled that spot perfectly. Lyrics of this piece of pitch-black darkness are about death, betrayal and revenge.

Desolation: White Wolf
Desolation was composed on the lyrics ready at the beginning of process. I sent them to the guys, and they made the song around them – more or less, though “Deso” has elements from other songs, really old ones, which have not been put in use since the very first live shows of Kivimetsän Druidi many years ago. There are some wild orchestrations in the middle part, Atte went positively crazy with them. Desolation tells of a wolf pack-like group which lost one of its members in an unexpected battle.

Bonus songs

An old crowd favourite of ours, now recorded officially for the very first time. It tells a story about how lust for power can blind one’s mind.

Where Hope and Daylight Die
A Summoning cover song. A great lost masterpiece we wanted to tribute.

Source: Myspace

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