Alter Bridge – update from the band – Myles Kennedy and Slash

“Hello Alter Bridge Nation,

We wanted to let you know that our brother in music, Myles Kennedy, sings two amazing songs (titled Back To Cali and Starlight) on Slash’s new, self-titled album and it can now be pre-ordered on iTunes and Amazon.

We would also like to remind you that Myles will be touring with Slash this summer while the rest of us are touring with Creed. We plan to re-unite as Alter Bridge in October and tour the world, starting in the UK, to support our upcoming album that we are recording right now. We have also been told that, on the Slash tour, Myles will be singing old GNR songs that Slash has not performed since that band broke up. We think that will be worth the price of admission alone. Along with Slash’s new material, we are also told Myles may sing an AB song and possibly debut a song or two from Myles’ own upcoming solo project.

Slash told The Pulse of Radio that he’s really pleased to have Myles Kennedy singing on the tour. “He was one of these sort of youngish rock singers that I wasn’t real familiar with, who is probably one of the best, you know, young new rock singers around,” he said. “There’s actually two songs on the record that he did, and he can basically perform any other songs on the record, plus he knows how to do all the Guns N’ Roses stuff. So it’s worked out nicely.”

So there you have it. Slash knows what we in AB have known for a while. Myles is simply one of the best, if not the best, rock singers around today. And this summer, Slash will also find out what an incredible musician he is as well. That tour will be a sight to behold.

And lastly, we are proud to announce that, last night, Myles finished recording the vocals on song #6 of 17, as the recording of our third album (ABIII) continues. We will update you again as news warrants.

Keep rocking,

Alter Bridge”

More details HERE

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