Epica comments the cancellation of the show from Belo Horizonte

Epica has released the following statement regarding the cancellation of the show from Belo Horizonte:

“Dear Fans,

We have received many (angry) e-mails and messages about the cancelled show in Belo Horizonte (while we were completely unaware of the situation). That is why we have asked our Brazilian booker, Paulo, what happened and why this show wasn’t happening anymore. Apparently the local promotor fron Belo Horizonte refused to supply an acceptable set of backline equipment and an adequate PA-system for the show and Paulo was not able to rseolve this problem with him. Paulo tried to switch the show to a different local promotor in Belo Horizonte without succes.
We have received messages like: “We are soo disappointed with the band because we hear that you all are requiring silly things that will make the show more expensive for us! your fans…”
Be sure that we never require silly things and the only reason that we asl for a decent backline and PA us that we want to offer you, our fans, a good show. Nobody will be happy when a show sounds like shit.
We are very disappointed as well that Paulo and the local promotor were not able to solve the problems. We play almost a 100 shows a year and normally these kind of issues get solved without any problem. Please don’t blame the band for this, we only want the best for everybody and we hope to be able to play Belo Horizonte in the near future!
The show has been replaced with a new show in Rio de Janeiro on the same date.

All the best

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