Ensiferum at Heidenfest 2010





+ 1 very special guest TBA soon!

The gods of the North reawaken to new life this Autumn and send their bravest heathen warriors back to the fronts to prepare another, bombastic foray through Europe. In this moment a tribe of irreligious barbarians, honourable sword-fighters and fearless druids arm for a very special battle in mind to continue the fascinating Northern mythology of the past days also in 2010. A storm is brewing, because from every dark corner the horns call for war, heralding the might of this upcoming Ragnarök. In this year, HEIDENFEST complies all the wishes of pagan-metal-lovers once again and invites to a monstrous spectacular. The wide range of heathen sound-art will be united in this festival-tour:  If black-metal-epic, melancholic melodies, rampant wrath or folkloric catchy-tunes, HEIDENFEST feeds you with the most essential substances of pagan culture.

Source: Ensiferum Myspace

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