Battlelore – interview with Jussi Rautio

Our today’s interview is featuring the lead guitar player from Battlelore, Jussi Rautio. You can find more regarding the bands activity,  future plans and more by reading the lines below:

Hello, Battlelore and welcome to
Hello Offiical Concerts and thanks. This is Jussi Rautio answering these questions.
You’ve started writing new songs for your next album. How it’s going?
New songs are shaping whole the time to the more ready state. There are at least couple of mind blowing songs already. We have still about four months before we go to studio so we have plenty of time to create something amazing but we can not waste time.Jussi Rautio
What will bring the next Battlelore album?
Bombastic epic songs about death and valor. Production will be done quite the same way as our previous album The Last Alliance. Janne Saksa will be our producer and Dan Swanö will do the mixing and mastering. We were happy with The Last Alliance  sound wise and now we are focusing to the extravagant song material.
In which direction your lyrics will go? You have dedicated your music to Tolkkien’s legacy, in “Evernight” you had many songs inspired by Kallabeth – Numenor’s fall and in “The last alliance” you explored Middle Earth. So, it’s a natural question: what’s next?
It looks like lyrically we will are not doing concept album like Evernight was but lyrics are scattering more around different ages and places in Arda. Hurins children will be one big theme and looks like couple of songs are going to be around those happenings. What else is going to be there? I don’t really know yet but I hope in the summer these things will be clear. You should ask then again. :)
Your debut album was released in the same time year with the first movie from
Lord of the Rings saga (although your first promo CD is from 1999). Has the intense promoting of Tolkkien’s opera (with the films and then with the increased sales of the books) influenced you as a band in any way? Good or bad?
I am not sure if its good or bad. We have had gigs in for example in Ringcon at Bonn wich was a awesome experience with some Lotr actors and cool surroundings. Also there are some fan videos in youtube where people have done music videos to our songs and cutted in there some scenes from Lotr movies. Also several people have come to me and told that our music gives the same feeling as watching Lotr movies. All this is of course good commercial for us but it also has its down side. I think it was much cooler to do music before when Lotr was just some books and not this international business unit who sells miniatures and t-shirts. Our timing was good in that way that we started first doing music and then the movies came. If it was other way around we could have been accused as sell out band. That has not happen now and I am glad about it. Generally I think that music is just music and if its good people will like it and buy the records no matter what kind of circus goes around it.
By the way, do you like the movie? There are many fans of the books that actually haven’t enjoyed it.
I like the movies and I think everybody in our band likes them. There are few things that I would have done differently but Jackson gets the feeling right and that’s most important. When I saw the first movie in theater I thought it was magical! Hmm, I think I should watch the extended versions again…
Back to your plans for this year. You will enter the studio in June. Do you have a schedule: a date for the release of the new album, a future tour, maybe?
We have studio dates ready. We will enter the studio at June and at end of July we should have our next record in our hands. We will do some festival gigs in the summer. Personally I am waiting a lot for a gig in Ibiza. It is at Hard Rock Hell Roadtrip. Festivals are about one week long and at least I am going to be there the whole time enjoying the sun! Albums release date, tours and so on are still under discussion.
You worked with Dan Swano for mixing and mastering your last album. Will you work again with him?
Yes we will. We were very happy with the work he did for us in The Last Alliance. He gave us some tips how things should be done differently in order to make his job easier and more fruitful and we are going to follow those tips.
How important is the live activity for you? Because Battlelore offers a complete package in concerts: besides the music you also have a warrior look.battlelore2
Good live shows are the best things in the world! Live activity is one of the most best aspects of the playing in band. There is nothing to compare with the feeling of being on stage in those evenings when everything seems to rock. Of course long badly organized tours in bad gig places gets sometimes on your nerves. Generally our look has become as some kind of ritual. You start to get in to gig mood as soon as you start to put those clothes on. Also after gig it takes a long time to get away from all the paint and in long tours you start to look more and more like you have black and red paint all the time on your face. It is fun to see peoples reactions in some german gas station when it is suddenly overwhelmed with some weird colored metalists!
Regarding the clothing: have you though to make a special line of clothes for you fans? Maybe include some body paint as well?:)
We have currently only normal band t-shirts. We have had wild ideas what kind crazy fan material we should create but fortunately we never put those into production!
You had a UK tour with Finntroll in 2009. Are there any bands you would like to play in the future?
Touring with Finntroll was fun. Easygoing rock characters all the way! If I would think bands just from my personal interests and not think what bands would fit in the same package with Bl. I would say it would be fun to play with Nirvana, Black Sabbath and Switchblade Symphony.
Do you know other bands that are inspired by Tolkkien’s opera (maybe a few that you like)?
I know plenty of bands who have few songs about Tolkien but most dedicated ones I know are Blind Guardian and Summoning. Blind Guardian is too much hero metal for me but Summoning is very good.
Have you any other musical preferences – besides metal?battlelore1
My favorite category of music is “music played with real instruments.” I like lots of different kinds of artists and bands. Different kinds of music suits for different kinds of moods. Also I like bands that don’t have huge marketing industry behind them. Most American metal has been very boring lately cause it all sounds the same. Millions of tracks and all frequency fulled. New Slayer was interesting cause it sounds more organ. I hope that is the way bands are heading.
Thanks for accepting this interview and I wish you a lot of inspiration for the new album! Have you anything else to add?
Thanks! I wish that your new website will get popular and make you rich! Good luck and lots of energy! You are going to need it! :)

John Harper / Jussi Rautio

Official website

You can watch some Battlelore videos below:

Third immortal

House of heroes

Journey to undying lands

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