The Italian band Elvenking will record their new album starting from March, it will be produced by Dennis Ward (Angra, Pink Cream 69, Primal Fear etc) and it’s scheduled for release in September 2010.  Our partner for discussion was Aydan and this were his answers on our questions:

Hello, Aydan and a warm welcome to officialconcerts.com!
Thank you so much!
Many people would describe you as “one of the finest European folk metal act”, but how would you describe the band?
Thank you so much for the description. This is always a very hard question for us. And If I have to tell you the truth this is not a thing that nowadays bother us anymore. While when we were a younger band we were really careful about how to describe the band trying to catch with a single definition the essence of the band now we know that this is basically impossible. So in the end we do not care too much about, people shall define us as they prefer. We just know we are a metal rocking band. That’s enough.
What is Elvenking doing now? Are you guys working on a new album?
Yes, we will enter the studio on March, 20th to record our new album.
With whom are you working on it, where is it recorded and when are you planning to launch it?
Dennis Ward will produce the album. I cannot wait to work with him because I think he is the best choice for this new album, and I love his way of working. The album will be possibly released in September 2010. This is the plan but I do not want to put it too sure because we know how these things usually work.
You have only an official video until now, for the song “The divided heart”. More will come?
It was just for some problems that we did not end up shooting the video for “From blood to stone” song from the “Two tragedy poets” album, since everything was ready and set to do it.
For sure we will shoot a video out of the new album.
Who’s responsible for composing the songs? What about the lyrics?
Both music and lyrics are by myself and singer Damna. In the first year of the band also Jarpen, the other guitar player was one of the main songwriter, while right now our new axeman Rafahel brought some cool stuff on the plate. Let’s see what will end in the album.Elvenking
Your previous release, “Two Tragedy Poets and a Caravan of Weird Figures” was an acoustic material, although “The scythe” had diverse metal influences. What’s next? What direction will you approach with the new album?
We consider “Two tragedy poets” as an experiment. We cannot consider it as a real album, but I totally love the direction and the approach of the work, showing a unique and different side of the band.
The new album will be something totally different. And I do not mean different only from TTP but as always has been for every EK album to date, it will show once again something new and fresh.
If “The scythe” was a very obscure and heavy album, the new one will show the most romantic and melodic side of the band. I would describe it this way: if “The scythe” was black, the new album will be green, light blue or orange…
There is a saying: “Nobody is a prophet in his own land”. How does this apply to Elvenking? Do you prefer the concerts from Italy our do you have more enthusiastic fans in foreign countries?
It applies perfectly to us as well. If you think that we played in all the big festivals around Europe and also in the USA but we have never been asked to play for example at Italy’s Gods of Metal. Also we had a lot of enthusiastic fans all over the more far places around, while in Italy the situation is still a bit strange, even if I have to admit that in the last year we played amazing and packed shows in our country as well.
Here’s a question that I use a lot in my interviews: could you name 3 Elvenking songs for someone that hasn’t listen to your music yet, in order to get an idea about the band’s music?
Mmm, this is really a hard one. I would suggest “The divided heart” because it has a certain appeal for everyone, “The wanderer” because it can underline the combination of metal and folk in EK style and maybe “The scythe”, to show the hardest part of the band. But it would be really just a glimpse of the band since EK has so many different musical approaches.Elvenking
Where can you be seen during this period (spring-summer of 2010)? Are you planning a tour or are you playing in some festivals?
Yes, we have a good number of shows to play right after the recordings of the album, around Italy, Russia, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary etc.
Did you ever had situations in which people that don’t listen rock/metal music come to your concerts or listened your albums due to the folk influences?
Yes, it happened. Especially related to our acoustic album, which was appreciated form a lot of non-rock listeners. We would like also to play some totally unplugged shows, but we will see. At the moment we prefer to rock the stage J
Next year will be 10 years since your debut from 2001 with the album “Heathenreel”. Are you preparing something special? A best-of album maybe? Or a DVD?
It is something we still need to think about. At the moment we are really busy with the new album, but I ‘m sure we need to organize something for our 10 years! I would love to invite Jarpen on stage again with us, and we already tried in the past without success, but this time he cannot say no.
Your success as a band had influenced your personal lives? Are the girls chasing you on the street? :)
Ah ah it happens, after the gigs especially, or to sign autographs in the streets or at the cinema, but nothing really serious!Aydan
Thank you very much for accepting this interview. Have you any message for the people that are reading us?
Thank you very much for the interview and I hope that those who do not know the band yet will have the curiosity to have a listen to and wait for our new album out in September 2010!

John Harper / Aydan – ELVENKING

You can watch below the clip for the song “The divided heart” from the album “The scyte”

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