Kevin Codfert (keyboards – Adagio) has been interviewed by us regarding the activity of Adagio, the upcoming tour with Kamelot, future plans and many more.  The band last album, “Archangels in black” was launched one year ago (February 2009).  The interview was made a few days before the band announced their split with the vocalist Christian Palin.

Hello Kevin and welcome! I’m glad to have you on

Thank you too for this interview.Adagio
What are you guys doing currently?
Basically, we are currently working a lot on putting all the stuff together
to prepare the European tour with Kamelot. We are working actually on the
sound and all the arrangements necessary to perform studio songs on stage
the best as possible.
You’ll play on a tour with Kamelot in March and April this year. Are
you excited about this? How did you get in contact with them?

Yes of course we are very excited about this. We met Kamelot few years ago
during some gigs in France. The guys are really cool. Finally, few month
ago, Thomas proposed Stephan to join the European tour as opener band, and
of course we directly accepted.
You have also played a tour with Paradise Lost in December last year and “Archangels in Black” got pretty nice reactions. Things are really looking good for you. Looking back to year 2001 when the band was formed, what where your expectations then and where they met during the years?
The band exist since 9 years now, and those years have been full of work
and surprises. Adagio have been in constant evolution talking about the
music aspect of the band. Since Dominate I think that we’ve definitly found
the musical style of Adagio.
What do you want to reach with Adagio and what do you think the
following years will bring?

We trust that we can do more gigs and develop the band more. We will startstephan
very soon composing the new Album
Are you happy with the reactions received for “Archangels in Black”?
We are really happy as the reactions fit what we expected. The fans of the
first albums are happy whith the melodic side of Archangels and I think we
reach the goal to minimize a bit the compexity of the music
It’s hard for a band from France to make a name on the European metal scene?
Yes It’s quite hard as the metal scene is not as big as in other country’s.
I think we are missing a lot of structures and contacts in France
Which are your plans for the near future, besides the tour with Kamelot?
We would like to quickly work on the new songs and on the general sound
aspect we want to have on the new album.
“Forever dwelling in darkness”… And forever will rise. This represents the anthem of the band. Are you a person that always oscillates between two elements: darkness and light?
Yes, every body on the band feel the same way, but it can be interpreted
lots of different ways. It can be in the wey of being but it also can be
just the way the music of Adagio can be perceived .kevin
For me, the cover of “Archangels in Black” illustrates perfectly Stephan’s following statement: “one painting, (…) a black and glossy painting, describing a detailed scene of the apocalypse, with beauty, passion and above all a strong dramatic dimension.” Who’s responsible for it? It this the image you had in your head when saying that?
The cover of Archangels In black as been proposed by a very talented guy
which name is Guilherme Sevens. He was fan of our music and just proposed
the cover as it was. The cool thing is that it was directly fitting whis
the music, it was quite amazing!
Has your music also a religious side? I mean, referring to the eternal conflict god-devil. Or is just the duality good – evil in a more generic way?
No, there is absolutely no religion involved. I just enjoy some of the
artform of religion and representation or particular scenes, such as
everything related to Apocalypse etc…there is a certain massiveness in
the religious art
Please name 3 representative Adagio songs which you would recommend to someone who hasn’t listened to your music so far.
“Vamphyri”, “Undead” and “Children Of The Dead Lake” from DominateAdagio
Next year will be 10 years from the launch of your first album. Are
you planning something special? A DVD-release maybe?

It’s a possibility, but nothing has been decided yet.
Thank you for accepting the interview and I wish you a great tour
with Kamelot.

Thanx very much !!

John Harper / Kevin Codfert

Official website

You can watch below the video for the song “Fear Circus” from the album “Archangels in black”

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